2021 Financial Highlights of the year


$45.4 M

profit after tax


$52.6 M

Arrow Down$23.5 M

profit after tax

Continued strong performance across all Treasury’s diverse line of business

Widened credit spreads and increased interest rates impacted net realized and unrealized gains

System Affiliates & Other

$4.3 M

Arrow Up$10.1 M

profit after tax

Investments in strategic initiatives included the implementation of a new accounting system together with other initiatives aimed to expand corporate efficiency

Recognized a $11.5 million fair value gain from Central 1’s investment in Concentra Bank

One-time income of $5.5 million (US $4.4 million) relating to the liquidation distribution from a prior investment

Payments & Digital Banking
Platforms and Experiences

$11.5 M

Arrow Up$25.0 M

loss after tax

Increase in Interac e-Transfer® volumes

Investments in strategic initiatives continued at a planned lower level

Borrowing Multiple2


Tier 1 Capital Ration2


1 The Mandatory Liquidity Pool was segregated from Central 1 Credit Union effective January 1, 2021.
2 These are non-GAAP Finnacial Ratios. Refer to “Non-GAAP and other Financial Measures” section of this MD&A for information.

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