Empowering Central 1 Employees through change

We continually strive to cultivate an engaged and inclusive culture at Central 1 where our employees feel valued, represented and safe – our people are the backbone to our success.

Continuing COVID-19 support

Two years into the pandemic, Central 1 continues to prioritize the health and safety of employees. In 2021, approximately 85% of our employees worked from home, with the exception of those in critical roles. Our robust IT infrastructure ensured employees had the tools necessary to continue working remotely, and we redesigned our office space to meet sanitization and distancing requirements, providing a safe collaborative workspace in times of need. Central 1 has remained deeply connected to our clients, working collectively and collaboratively, to be a reliable and dependable partner for the credit union system.

Staying connected

Central 1 hosts monthly townhalls for employees and conducts monthly pulse check surveys to ensure employees are continually engaged and that we provide stability, support and inclusion. We also launched an annual Organization Health Index survey that gathers insights and benchmarks us against our peers. We conducted a series of focus groups and coffee chats across all levels of the organization to gain a better understanding of our Purpose, Corporate Strategy, and culture.

We continue to strengthen our health and wellness support to employees through a variety of initiatives:

  • A Wellness Flex Fund providing employees flexibility in using their benefits towards wellness related activities of their choice or programs that support their development
  • Access to a series of webinars conducted by experts to improve mental health
  • A flexible Future of Work Standard grounded in the principles of collaboration, inclusiveness and focus on the health, safety and well-being of our employees
  • Established meeting norms to guide employees through effectively working in a hybrid environment
  • All temporary and permanent employees are given an Appreciation Day off to acknowledge their commitment and effort to Central 1
  • The number of paid sick days to temporary employees have been increased, in addition to paid infectious disease emergency leave
  • Refreshed vacation guidelines and reinforced annual mandatory holiday to ensure employees take time to unplug and unwind
Employee-led engagements beyond work

Central 1’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) focuses on fostering an inclusive culture by providing a platform for employee-driven conversations to take place. The ERG champions advocate and educate each other on celebrations or observations that are meaningful and impactful, including International Women’s Day, Asian Heritage Month, Black History Month, Indigenous History Month, Pride Month and International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

An equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace

Central 1 supports Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) through our recruitment process by enhancing our DEI statement, encouraging applicants of all backgrounds to apply, and ensuring hiring leaders are informed of the impact of recruiting with bias. We know there are many benefits to having a diverse Central 1 employee base – we engaged Van Hack to widen our recruitment landscape and expand recruiting to other countries, further promoting diversity within our workforce.

Our focus remains on building an inclusive culture through programs that are people-centric and will continually look for ways to move the needle into 2022.

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