Enabling a thriving system with economics insights

Central 1 offers economic insights that bring tremendous value to our members, clients and the credit union system by keeping them informed on macroeconomic and regional conditions. The Economics team provides education and resources, including representation as trusted experts in media and television segments and advising member credit unions, boards and governing bodies.

Weekly Economics Reports

Weekly economics briefings examine the latest provincial economic trends and cover topics such as labour markets, housing, export volumes, consumer spending and population. These reports brief our clients on considerations for their business objectives and customer experience.

Economic Analyses

Our team also provides longer-term analyses to give our clients a scan of the global economic landscape, and how factors like global tensions, housing markets, trade issues, oil and gas prices affect the economies of Ontario and B.C.


We ensure clients and members remain knowledgeable of significant changes and shifts in the economy at federal, provincial and local community levels. Commentary reports detail the latest global and national drivers affecting Canada’s economy, with our forecasts for benchmark interest rates, GICs and posted mortgage rates. These resources provide a diverse scan of economics at all levels and considerations as we know the diverse and unique needs and profiles of our clients and members. We also continue to further specialize our content to provide greater value and economic insight for our clients, members and the system.

Evolution with the Economics Centre

We established the Economics Centre in 2021, a centralized portal that houses exclusive content including regional economics products, data trends, housing data and industry presentations. We successfully transitioned from a member due-funded product to a subscription service, allowing us to be more client-focused and improving our ability to provide products valued by credit unions rather than general products. The Economics Centre provides tailored content by offering regionalized data and projections to support better business operations and planning. Clients and members can also access special webinars and engage directly with our Economics team.

Here to help

Central 1’s Economics team is committed to providing data and support so that our members and clients are able to make effective decisions for their business needs while supporting their communities. We are proud to have enabled the collective success the system achieved in 2021, with credit unions accomplishing record earnings and substantially growing their loans and deposits.

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