In-person connections make Momentum a highlight of 2022

After two years of meeting virtually and seeing each other through our computer screens, the urge to connect in real life was stronger than ever.

That may be why Momentum – our first in-person conference in three years – stood out as a highlight of 2022.

Momentum has always served as a positive disruptor and a moment when members of the credit union system pull away from the day-to-day to connect, collaborate and plan for the future. This was particularly true in 2022.

Last year, a challenging economic climate and a persistent pandemic weighed on Canadians and the credit unions that serve them. At the same time, change was working its way through the system, creating new opportunities and pressures.

That’s why Central 1 curated session topics to focus on the future of banking and the cooperative system. We also created many opportunities to connect – on the bustling tradeshow floor, over question-and-answer sessions after each keynote or during coffee breaks.The industry responded. In October 2022, more than 400 credit union leaders, industry vendors, system partners and advocates from across eight provinces joined Central 1 experts at Momentum in Vancouver. We spent nearly three days together in 23 sessions of programming.

Our members, clients and other welcome participants were vocal about the experience on LinkedIn:

“Topics, keynote speakers and panel discussions so relevant to the challenges and emerging changes facing the Financial Services sector… and more importantly, focusing on the opportunities that as credit union cooperatives, we can make a difference to continue to provide solutions for our members.” – Brad Sutherland, CFO Ukrainian Credit Union Limited

It was an honour to be included as a presenter at this amazing conference and to meet so many people committed to the cooperative experience. If only I had counted the number of times the word change was mentioned throughout the conference.”– Lee Anne Davis, PhD, MBA and Momentum session speaker.

We couldn’t agree more.

Central 1 provides core services for our members and clients to meet their members’ and customers’ growing and changing demands. But we also play a role in helping the industry transform. We are committed to listening to our members and clients and facilitating growth and learning as a community now and into the future.Industry collaboration was a priority for Central 1 in 2022, and we will continue to make it a focus in 2023. No matter how strong the headwinds are, we will continue to face them together.

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