Leading through change

There’s nothing like change coming straight from the top. 2018 started with new CEO Mark Blucher joining Central 1, followed by the addition of a dynamic set of new leaders who helped us successfully navigate through a year of change while delivering on our promises.
In the last two quarters of 2018 alone, we’ve brought in new members to the leadership team who bring fresh perspective and approaches to the way Central 1 is providing value to our members and clients.
In August, Buffy Duke hit the ground running, establishing our new Client Development group, whose sole focus is to give individual attention to our clients by understanding what they need to be successful.
Leading Central 1’s Digital & Payments Services, Arvind Sharma joined in September, inspiring a team to deliver integrated solutions to credit unions, other financial institutions and businesses across Canada, with a focus on giving users a competitive edge through client-centered design, market-leading speed and innovation, and proactive stakeholder engagement and partnerships.

Bringing her expertise in transformational change from the Bank of Canada and Payments Canada, CFO Sheila Vokey has been introducing great ideas around transformation in finance and beyond.

Later in 2018, as we refined our strategic and business plan, a key focus has become organizational health – fundamental to a strong culture and organizational success – and the entire senior leadership are working hard over next 18 to 24 months to lift and shift the culture to ensure a high-performing organization for our members’ and clients’ benefit.

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