Our Performance in 2022


($69.6 M)

loss after tax


($49.4 M)

Arrow Down$100.2 M

loss after tax

Continued strong interest margin across all Treasury’s lines of business

Credit spreads have widened reflective of rising interest rates, persistent inflationary pressure and geopolitical tensions which reduced the fair value of the Treasury fixed income portfolio

System Affiliates & Other

($6.5 M)

Arrow Down$10.8 M

loss after tax

Investments in strategic initiatives aimed to expand corporate efficiency continued in 2022

Equitable Bank closed its acquisition of Concentra Bank in November which led to Central 1 recognizing a $2.9 million gain in 2022, compared to a $11.5 million fair value gain in 2021 when Equitable Bank announced its acquisition plan

Payments & Digital Banking
Platforms and Experiences

($13.7 M)

Arrow Down$4.0 M

loss after tax

Consistent transaction volumes with prior year

Increased spending in strategic initiatives which is consistent with Central 1’s strategic priorities

Borrowing Multiple1


Tier 1 Capital Ratio1


1 These are non-GAAP Financial Ratios. Refer to “Non-GAAP and other Financial Measures” section of the MD&A for information.

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