The Treasury Knowledge Centre: A guide for navigating uncharted territory

Persistent inflation, rising interest rates, geopolitical uncertainty and a lingering pandemic made for uncertain times in 2022. These integrated factors significantly impacted the financial health of Canadians and the credit unions serving them. With so many unknowns, the launch of Central 1’s Treasury Knowledge Centre came at the right time.

For decades, Central 1 Treasury Services & Solutions has supported our member credit unions and clients with access to liquidity, borrowing and investing, including access to capital markets. With the onset of the pandemic, it became clear there was more we could do to provide guidance, expertise and support to the marketplace.

Through member and client interviews, we discovered variations in the level of treasury expertise within the credit union system. Knowledge was often transferred by word of mouth or gained by individuals left to their own means, but there was no single source to draw upon. Finding and retaining treasury talent to address this gap was a challenge, and upskilling was not straightforward. There was a shortage of educational resources for treasury training and there wasn’t a “go-to” institution in Canada.

Treasury group around computer

Central 1 saw an opportunity to close this gap, and in April 2022, we officially launched the Treasury Knowledge Centre. Leveraging the deep in-house expertise at Central 1, we established an online hub where members and clients can find timely and helpful market analysis, trading desk commentary, treasury product information, key regulatory links and news to help make informed decisions in the current economic climate. Educational materials and training resources round out the suite of offerings on the Treasury Knowledge Centre to support leaders in upskilling their teams.

Credit unions across the country are accessing the Treasury Knowledge Centre and we are pleased to see our efforts making a difference for our members and clients. Since launching, there have been over 2,000 users, nearly 26,000 pageviews, 6,000+ webinar participants and more than 4,000 downloads and views of Treasury resources. Client feedback has and will continue to help shape the direction of the site as it evolves.

“I use it myself to remain current – and I tell my staff to log on as well.  There is a lot of useful information on the Treasury Knowledge Centre to teach my analysts about treasury and about Central 1 Treasury products. I can then expand on some aspects in more detail with my team.”  – Credit union member

Going into 2023, Central 1 is proud to support over 200 credit union and financial institution clients across Canada with strong liquidity and investment sources. We will continue to build and evolve valuable tools and resources that support the success of the system.

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