Treasury Connect streamlines the client experience


Treasury Connect launched in June 2018 to enable clients to use treasury services with speed and ease through a single sign-on.

Migrating existing services from Treasury Deposit System (TDS) and Treasury Web Services (TWS) into an integrated portal delivers a better user experience that’s made even better by built-in risk controls to protect our clients. Treasury Connect is the result of valuable member and client feedback, which guides us towards improved experiences in everything we do.

It’s no mystery why Deposits and Loans was the first service launched in Treasury Connect, offering a simple way for clients to perform transactions with real-time pricing. After all, helping members save through deposits or make big life purchases through loans is integral to who we are as credit unions.

Integration continued with the addition of foreign exchange services and market rates that are easier than ever before to view, compare and use.

In 2019, we will continue to migrate and enhance existing services—such as Index Linked Term Deposits and Live Rates—into Treasury Connect through a phased approach. Our dedicated support team will help clients through the transition with in-depth training, helpful resources and regular updates.

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